Put your child's best welfare first

The Law Office of Barbara J. Ingram understands that your biggest concern when going through a divorce is the best interest of your child. The well-being of your child is our main concern, too.

Find an advocate who will work with you.

We work with you to help determine whether an amicable solution to custody and visitation can be found, and should one party prove unreasonable, we are ready and able to fight for what is best for you and your children

Understanding the custody process

Custody involves not only the primary residence of the children, but the manner, method, and amount of contact allowed the other parent.

Custody can be altered both as part of initial divorce proceedings, and as a result of changed circumstances.

Secure necessary child support

Establishing child support is another issue that accompanies a divorce involving minor children, and one that can quickly become contested.

Our firm can also assist individuals seeking to modify or enforce a child support determination.

Fight to protect your child during divorce


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